Linux - Third-Party Repositories

Ubuntu/Mint PPA

This PPA currently publishes packages for Ubuntu, including official and derivative distributions.

To install Videomass add this PPA to your system:

$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jeanslack/videomass
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt install videomass

For any other application-related issues, please read Known Problems and Bug Reports pages.


Videomass is available as a SlackBuild archive on the (“Sbo”) repository, a collection of third-party SlackBuild scripts to build Slackware packages.

It can be downloaded, built and installed automatically using the sbopkg tool, or manually using the traditional method (see howto at


Videomass is available on the Arch User Repository as AUR package .

Can be installed by using pacaur/yay/etc. after activating AUR on Arch Linux, or in AUR part of Manjaro (Arch Linux derivative) Linux.

Devuan / Debian

A deb precompiled package is available and can be installed on both Devuan Chimaera and Devuan Daedalus, also compatible with Debian11 bullseye and Debian12 bookworm.

Mageia 8

Exists a third-party repository for Mageia 8 that have a rpm package for videomass. The repository comes from BlogDrake The Official Community for Spanish Talking Users.

To add this repo, first you have to configure the Official Mageia repositories then:

For i586 - 32bit systems

su -
urpmi.addmedia --wget --distrib
urpmi videomass

For x86_64 - 64bit systems

su -
urpmi.addmedia --wget --distrib
urpmi videomass

AppImage format


About AppImage format

No longer available

The Videomass AppImage format will no longer be available until a wxPython-manylinux package (installable on Python-AppImage) compatible with most Linux distributions which can be embedded into the AppImage is officially released.

See the following related issues:

About manylinux on wxPython documentations:

For any application-related issues, please read Known Problems and Bug Reports pages.