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MS Windows


Minimum requirements:

Videomass 3.5.0 Installer Videomass 3.5.0 Portable Pyembed package

Important note

A lot of antivirus vendors detect Videomass installer and Videomass portable edition as malicious. Since these are false positives, to resolve this problem the only thing to do is to submit the Videomass.exe file to your antivirus vendor for advanced analysis and making a False Positive claim.

So, if you are still worried (or worse, scared) by the alarm cry of an overly susceptible array of antivirus, you can always try the following methods:

Pyembed package


Minimum requirements:

Videomass 3.5.0 pyembed

This is a fully portable and ready-to-use experimental implementation of the Python embeddable package, which has been optimized to include Videomass and its dependencies. An embeddable-package is a portable Python distribution completely isolated from the user’s system, including environment variables, system registry settings, and installed packages.

For any other application-related issues, please read Known Problems and Bug Reports pages.