Can i contribute?

Videomass is free (libre) software; it needs your contribution! There are several ways to help the development of Videomass:

By becoming a sponsor

I’d love to get a little sponsorship for the time and effort spent on my projects.

Alternatively you can PayPal me at this link:

Issue Reporting

You can report Bugs, New Features and Improvements by writing in as much detail as possible at Videomass Issues page or email me at

Source Code

The git repository of Videomass is hosted on GitHub. You can clone the repository anonymously by the following command:
git clone 'git://'


If you want to translate offline, please read Translate Videomass Offline


A list of Videomass installation packages for Linux is available here. Packaging for other distros still needs to be done. Also, I would be very glad if anyone can push Videomass into the official or unofficial repositories of any distribution.

Writing Documentation

User documentation of Videomass is still a work in progress. The source files are hosted on github. You can contribute to its content by sending pull requests on GitHub or by email .

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