Videomass is a free, open source and cross-platform GUI for FFmpeg and youtube-dl

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Download and installation


Ubuntu PPA

This PPA currently publishes packages for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal (for now)


The AppImage is available at SourceForge web page.

Minimum requirements:

Currently two ports are released for GTK2 and GTK3. Please visit Known Problems web page to find out which porting is compatible with your Linux distribution.

MS Windows

New: starting from Videomass v3.3.0 a portable version is also available.
Visit the SourceForge web page and choose the one that works best for you!

Minimum requirements:


MacOs users should use the disk image file (.dmg) available at SourceForge website.
It contains everything you need to run Videomass.

Minimum requirements:


For some functional limitations related to the above packages (not for Ubuntu PPA) see Known Problems.

For developpers

please visit